Thank you so much sir, he is amazing and Dr Srujal did my treatment twice and it was with full satisfaction. Most important I was having 2nd stage Varicose and he did it with a style. If you see result I am having now and another thing which I appreciate the most is the way he treat his patient is just wow. You feel like home and you are always welcome in a hospital with a big smile by each and everyone and just wow that should be the atmosphere. Thank you.
From Vishal Keshwara
I believe that sharing fair feedback about any medical service is a part of social service which usually literate techno-Sevy people follows in today`s society. Before 2 week, I was looking for genuine senior vasco surgeon in Ahmedabad for my mother`s varicose vain surgery and after thorough research with the help of Dr. Harshil Mehta (MD), I found Dr. Srujal Shah (Indo Vasc Hospital). Trust me, he is not only expertise on his subject but the way Dr. Srujal Shah treats and entertain his patient/relatives with warm feelings always make us confident that we are in safe hands. Further support staff in hospital are also very cooperative and always approachable for any support. We can see complete cleanliness in the hospital which gives homely touch. Overall wonderful and safe feeling experience. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Srujal Shah and his entire staff of Indo Vasc.
From Ajay Jadeja
Myself danabahai, son of Mr Hirabhai sandha would like tp recommend Dr Srujal shah to everyone. My father had left leg toe gangrene & leg vessel block. Dr Srujal shah performed leg vessel bypass at indovasc hospital, father recovery is fine & pain is relieved. We are very happy with the treatment , hospital is clean , staff is very god , we recommend Indovasc hospital & Dr srujal shah for any vascular problem.
From Danabhai Sandha
One Of The Best Vascular Surgeon In Ahmadabad. Dr Srujal Shah Is Extremely Intelligent And Honest Person. I Count Myself Truly To Have Found Him. Overall Very Good Hospital And Good Staff. Thank You Dr.Srujal Shah.
From Kaval Patel
I had Varicose Veins Stage IV and due to that had acute pain in my both legs. Dr. Srujalbhai examined me and his way of examining relieved half of my pain. He treated me on both legs and now I am well and will be more better. He also treated me for my spiderwebs on my both legs and are also looking better. He is a very honest person and has the efficiency of healing people by his positive attitude. He has got a very cooperative and smiling staff and the hospital is also 100% hygiene and well maintained..All the best God Bless.
From Kalpana Jamindar
I was referred to Dr.Srujal Shah by my nephrologist for creating an arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis. My experience with him has been great. He is confident of his skills, thorough with his medical knowledge and extremely competent as far as his operative skills are concerned. The procedure was smooth, uneventful and successful. Apart from this, he is professional in his attitude, has the healing touch of a humanitarian doctor and soft spoken with a pleasant personality. The hospital facilities and the staff are equally good and have a caring attitude. Highly recommended and God bless him and his patients!!!!!
From Dr.saraswat
Dr.Srujal Shah is extremely intelligent, compassionate, caring and a truly outstanding doctor. I count myself truly lucky to have found him. He genuinely cares, he is professional and he makes an investment in the health and well being of his patients.
From Saxena
Excellent service, clean environment and good reception. Clear instructions from the doctor and overall I would rate 10/10 and have recommended to others as well.
From Rajkumar Jain
I was suffering from vein injury and there was a bunch of veins on my right leg and it will be very danger in future for me. I heard about Dr Srujal Shah is a good vascular surgeon, I went to Ahmedabad in Indo Vasc Hospital and Dr Srujal Shah checked my vein disease and told me about my injury each and everything very gently and calmly. I took my operation date and went for operation. I got operated on 12th June 2015, each and every facilities and equipments provided to me in Indo Vasc Hospital during the operation was necessary for my surgery. Now the result is more than 100% excellent, Dr Srujal Shah has given my leg to a new life you can say. I do my all regular or routine work very easily. Thanks to Dr Srujal Shah and their dedicated team mates. Dr Srujal Shah you have done such a wonderful job.
From Atul Ahuja
In my opinion (I am a patients nephew), I have never had a better doctor. Dr. Srujal Shah has a wonderful manner and comprehensive knowledge. He speaks in terms that you can understand and he is very easy to talk to. He takes time with his patients to ensure they understand what their health needs are. Accordingly he has done the treatment and miracle happened. My uncle both legs are survived.
From Himanshu Shah
I've seen several doctors for my leg (swollen, discolored and itchy skin, early stage ulcers). Having heard good things about Dr. Shah from friends and family, I decided to seek him out when I was visiting from the United States. Dr. Shah is a kind and intelligent professional who was able to diagnose the issues stemming from my varicose veins within minutes of seeing me. He then efficiently treated them and I was able to leave the office within hours on the day of surgery. The discoloration and swelling from poor circulation has completely healed in the 3 months since my surgery. Even with my advanced prognosis, he was able to treat my leg and get it back to normal. This would not have been possible without Dr. Shah's expertise. It was an all around wonderful experience with an experienced doctor. I highly recommend anyone with vein issues to seek him out.
From Gita Thanki
One of the best Vascular surgeons of India. Of course the best in Gujarat. I had suggested his name to many patients and found excellent results. Victory over disease has became Dr. Srujal's habit and on the top of that he is master in winning people heart. I wish all the very best to him.
From Chirag Patel
To good hospital and Dr Srujal Shah is so nice person. Treats like a family member and I am so happy as he done my operation well.
From Denish Patel
I was suffering from leg pain due to varicose veins. Dr. Srujal Shah did surgery for same and I am 100% alright now. i am doing jogging, running, skipping, dancing, practicing yoga poses now without any complaint. Thanks to Dr. Srujal Shah for making my legs painfree and so more active than before. Hospital -well managed. staff - well mannered. I strongly recommend him for any vascular problem.
From Bhoomika Prajapati